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Oxygen welding – gas fuel and oxygen cutting – Gas fuel or air gas cutting are methods in which gas fuel along with oxygen is used for welding and cutting metals. French engineers Edmond Fouche and Charles Picard were the first to use this method of welding in 19033. Pure oxygen is used instead of air (20% oxygen, 80% nitrogen) to raise the temperature of the flame for regional melting of the target part (such as steel) in room air conditions. Propane and air flame burn at 2,000 ° C, propane and oxygen flame at 2,500 ° C, and oxygen and acetylene flame at 3,500 ° C.

Oxygen-gas method for welding parts is an old method that is less used today for industrial applications but is still widely used for welding pipes and used for repairs. This method is also often used to make works of art that are mostly made up of metals.

In oxygen-gas welding, a welding torch is used to weld metals. Welding is formed due to the temperature of the two points reaching the melting temperature and the formation of molten material in which both parts share (welding pool). To these molten materials is usually added another metal called filler. The material of the filler material is selected according to the type of metal to be welded.

In oxygen-gas cutting, a cutting torch is used to heat the metal to the firing temperature. Then a stream of oxygen is blown on the metal and the metal is burned in this oxygen and then the metal flows out of the cutting place in the form of oxidized metal.

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