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Another facility of Krupp Steel Complex is cutting industrial sheets, construction such as ST37-ST52-CK45-A516-ST44, etc. by CNC machines and manual gas cutting. All cuts are cut and distributed by the most experienced cutters.

Plasma cutting is a process in which steel or other metals (sometimes some other material) are cut into different diameters by a torch. In this cutting, a noble gas (in some cases compressed air) is cut at high speeds from The nozzle is blown and at the same time an electric arc (Electrical ARCC) is created between the gas at the nozzle head with the cutting surface and the gas goes into plasma. The plasma is hot enough to melt the metal and cut. Compressed air It also has enough pressure to move the molten metal away from the cutting path.

Basic principles of plasma cutters
In cutting HF type plasma with the help of a high frequency spark – high voltage air is ionized at the head of the burner and an electric arc is started. In this method, it is not necessary to contact the workpiece with the torch when starting and this method is for numerical control (CNC) applications. ) Is suitable. In more advanced machines, in order to adjust the height of the burner from the surface of the workpiece, it is necessary to apply the torch to the workpiece before starting, and then to create a suitable gap (according to the operator’s adjustment). The tip of the burner is attached to the workpiece and moves away from the surface as soon as it comes in contact. The spark controller uses two closely spaced systems to generate plasma. First, a high-voltage, low-frequency, high-frequency circuit is used to instantly generate a high-intensity spark inside the torch body and a small pocket of gas. Plasma is created. This arc is called the guide arc. The arc creates a return path to the burner head and holds itself close to the workpiece, where the main plasma arc is struck. The plasma arcs are very hot. It has a temperature of about 25000 ° C.

Plasma cutting with cnc machine
Plasma cutters use two methods to start the arc: 1. Create an arc by placing a torch on the workpiece and contacting it. ۲. Use of a high-voltage-high frequency circuit to create an electric arc. However, this method has disadvantages such as: the risk of electric shock, the need to maintain the distance of the spark and the high volume of radio frequency radiation. Plasma cutters work close to sensitive electronic equipment such as CNC hardware or computers, so other equipment is used to start the arc to prevent noise and damage to the equipment. This equipment is usually on a separate system away from systems. It is electronically sensitive and is called a plasma control set.

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