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Due to the high demand of customers, to cut the products, he bought 40 Kasmak Turkish band saws with various sizes and sizes, from 10 mm to 1300 mm in round shape and up to 2200 mm in width in the form of straps. Is cutting. Among the cutable materials in this collection, we can mention CK45-MO40-VCN150-VCN200-Semante 7131-5920-SPk-SPkR-Heating belt 1.2344-Stainless steel-Air dry steels and other alloy steels.

In the past, cutting was done with a crank saw, water saw and fire saw. Types of profile cutting due to high speed are mostly done with a saw, but the speed of the band saw and the

extremely low risk and even zero band saw and the low cost of the saw blade. And the small circumference of the parts due to the lower thickness of the saw blade compared to the soap saw, has made this cut more popular.

Kasmak Turkish band saw

Cutting of profiles with low thickness and corners with low thickness was also done with a fire saw, but due to the risk of excessive fire saw and cutting without quality, this type of cutting and discarding of high parts has caused cutting with a band saw. Be welcomed by this type of cutters.

Types of solid trans cuts for studs, beams, beams, etc. were cut with a crank saw machine, but due to the very low speed of this type of cutting and the variety of saw blade teeth of this machine and the high thickness of the body of this type of blade, which causes fine cutting parts. The use of a band saw machine has been very welcomed.

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