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Leverage University for Industrial Development:
Academics in all societies can play a very effective and influential role in building the industry and economy of countries. It is a local university that takes great steps towards growth and development by coming up with new ideas. All industries must use educated manpower to advance their field of activity. All industries in developed countries have a base and reference place in universities. But in our country, it does not make the necessary use of faculty and there is a significant gap between industry and universities. In this news published by the public relations unit of Hamiran Steel Company, on the occasion of Student Day, we will discuss the effects of an effective relationship between industry and academia.

Investigating the relationship between academia and industry in developed countries:
In all developed societies, there is a requirement and standard for a comprehensive academic presence in industry. The fact has been identified in developed societies that the best possible way to solve the problems and challenges in the industry by referring to the academic community will be expressed. Because the solutions offered by this group will be according to scientific principles. In other words, it can be said that in all developed societies, the relationship between universities and industries is quite clear and practical.

Study of production development by university:
The university is the place where science grows. If industries outsource their development projects to academia, they will provide scientific and research solutions for all of these projects with precise calculations. This two-way relationship between industry and academia will be completely win-win. Because presenting these issues to universities will lead to the development of science and scientific progress, and in return, production costs in industry will be reduced.

  • last word:
    Industries with financial support of university projects can take a positive step in order to reduce their costs, and on the other hand, the academic community, by examining the issues of the industrial day, can create a very effective return on modern knowledge. As a result, science and knowledge management will be in line with the development of the country.
    A key and important indicator for ranking universities internationally is how many industrial projects they have in their resumes that have been able to bring positive results. If our country pays full attention to effective communication with universities, we will see a positive leap in the industrial sector.
    The relationship between industry and academia in our country must be completely reconsidered. In the current situation, both parties blame the other side. In the current situation, finding the culprit is not the solution, but we must review the process of communication between these two important parts so that the mutual interests for both sectors are clear and defined.

It is worth mentioning that in this regard, Hamiran Steel Complex, especially Hamiran Metallurgical Laboratory, has always been a pioneer in supporting the academic community and developing the relationship between industry and academia, and effective and useful measures have been taken to carry out university projects in this complex.

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