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Mining economy replaces oil economy”
Iran is in a strategic position in terms of mineral resources. But over time, the growth and development of this sector has not received enough attention. As you know, iron ore and other raw materials such as sponge iron, concentrate and pellets are the main raw materials for steel production. Due to the importance of the position of steel and its direct relationship with other industries, the importance of these raw materials has doubled. Therefore, creating sufficient capacity to produce raw materials for steel producers is very important and strategic.

  • Investigating the imbalance between mines and steel production:
    The situation of raw material fluctuations is directly related to the demand for the steel market. One of the main problems in this field is the imbalance between the existing industrial infrastructure in the mining sector and different parts of the steel chain. If we do not have careful planning in this regard, even with the production capacity of steel, we will face major problems in the supply of raw materials such as iron ore, sponge iron, concentrate and pellets. With well-organized planning, it is possible to decide on the supply of raw materials through mining or its supply through imports.

Investigation of potential mines:
In general, it can be said that some of the policies adopted in the field of steel industry are not based on scientific principles and in accordance with the existing conditions in the steel industry. This has led to the lack of opportunities in the field. It is important to note that mining raw materials must maintain their competitive position and profit margins. But to try to create this profit margin to think about the export of mining raw materials, we have caused serious and irreparable damage to this sector.
To maintain a competitive position, all the potential at the national level must be used. In other words, new methods should be used in the field of exploration. There is currently no proper exploitation in the field of exploration. The depth of exploration does not match the potential of the mines. In other words, similar countries with mining potential have access to much higher levels of minerals.

  • last word:
    There is currently no balance between the production of ingots and steel products versus the level of mining. If the exploitation of the existing mines in the country continues in the same way, we will face a crisis of shortage of raw materials in the future.
    There should be a well-planned plan for the supply of raw materials that are considered feed for industries, and the supply of raw materials through imports should be replaced by the sale of raw materials. Because the sale of steel products will create more added value for our country.
    All our efforts at the macro level should be in line with the maximum use of existing potentials. For example, despite the cheap energy and mineral capacities, a very high added value can be created in the industrial sector.
    In the field of growth and development of the country, fundamental decisions must be made and long-term interests must replace short-term interests.
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