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Construction hardware


Daily prices of beams, rebars, angles, studs, profiles, sheets and pipes

In the process of selecting and purchasing the product and services needed by human beings, there are always several important factors that determine and influence the final decision. Price, quality, speed in providing services and proper treatment and response, etc. are certainly the most important factors for decision making and buying for customers. In the Iron Price complex, unremitting efforts are being made for all these factors. Continuous and maximum customer satisfaction guarantees our growth and development in today’s market and we are looking forward to increasing growth and development. We may not be your best choice, but we are certainly among the best. Try it!

We are committed to guaranteeing and ensuring the quality of the product at the time of purchase. We also provide you with the sale of hardware on credit.

Due to the long history and official representations obtained from large factories in Iran, as well as by employing professional teams, we strive to offer the best quality, price and services and win the competition. There are rules for winning every game and competition that we know well!

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